Short History

My name is Roger Filomeno, I have studied BS. Computer Science at the University of the Philippine (Visayas) and since 2003 I have been working on the telecomunication industry. I wore many hats during my career, sometimes more than one at the same time. I started as a software developer buiding websites integrated with then cutting edge technology Short Messaging System (SMS) run by equally competitive and protective telecomunication companies in the country. Information about new technologies was scarce back then, Google probably haven't indexed technical manuals of different gateways for enabling such services. Github wasn't around then and you won't probably find lots of people sharing and collaborating openly back then. That is when I started by path to become an R&D Specialist.

What is an R&D Specialist? Basically we are reverse-engineers -- hackers in today's standard but that term back then was unpopular so we describe our work falling in the category of "Reasearch & Development". We take any proprietary product (hardware or software) and basically reverse engineer them without source-codes and most of the time without documentation and actual product in hand -- sometimes we even reverse engineer the product's features based on brochures, product presentations/demos, screenshots and the likes. It is a time consuming process and requires a lot of patience but we have developed some strategies on how to "best guess" things work based on current existing technologies, patents, RFCs, academic papers and even plain rumors...

Either we're good are it or we're just always lucky, we seemed able to break down what ever we want to reverse engineer into its core specifications, protocols, related RFCs, existing platforms... then reproduce the same product our way. It is expected the prototypes we built doest work consistenly all the time, since we didn't fully understand the optimizations used by the original product. However back then, being able to "leap-frog" one's own technology is the most lucrative trade skills in the industry.

Let us connect

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Whenever I have the time I play Leagues of Legends (MOBA) and imagine myself playing on the pro-league; it's also my chance to experiment streaming technologies.

I also love hacking stuff, software and hardware. Here im playing with gesture control using Kinect to control an Android app.