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I'm Roger Filomeno. I'm a Research and Development Specialist from Philippines. I like designing and building products based on emerging web technologies. My main focus is on telecomunication and banking industries. You can find some of my opensource projects hosted here on GitHub so feel free to check them out or contact me if you like to collaborate on a project. If you want to know more about me, follow @[email protected].

My Proficiency

Other Stacks:
Amazon Web Services Serverless Kubernetes DevOps Pentesting Perl Bash Flash, Actionscript, Flex C++ Go Lisp Prolog VBScript AutoIt Pascal

Github projects (featured)


A boilerplate for running PHP websites in AWS Lamda using Serverless framework and Bref. Features includes stages, Localstack testing, and SSM Secrets. Enabled VPC access to allow you to connect into your EC2, RDS and the Internet securely via the NAT Gateway.


A boilerplate for solving Stacks League Challenges by allowing you to use the problems own unit tests to check your solution code locally before submitting.


Pure PHP implementation of Buy-Line SWIG API used by Bank of New Zealand.


A monitoring script for Kamailio and Asterisk for AWS CloudWatch written in PHP. This works similarly to AWS CloudWatch Monitoring Script (Linux).


CLI based tool written on PHP to configures Huawei eSpace devices, this also provides the Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) component.


REST based Token Server that receives Credit Card PANs securely and returns a token hash.


Test the URL's load time.
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Papers published

Cellular Data-offloading Through Wifi-mesh Network Utilizing White-space Frequencies

Draft whitepaper that present an idea using RFC4185 (EAP-SIM) for mobile networks to offload its data users to local WIFI networks.

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Recently ive been dabbing into 3D modeling!


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01 Dec 2021 »

AWS SSM Parameter Store is a way to manage your application parameters and deploy them as configuration files.


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